In short Heller and Macecek are far more than flawless technique.

... Without any hyperbole, this recording of Brahms' Third Sonata is the best I've ever heard. Its what music-making is all about. Gil French, Klassical Music Announcer, Host/Producer of Rochester Filharmonic Broadcasts, U.S.A.

Written about Mr. Heller's first Schubert recording: Heller's career as a performer, rich and diverse in its selection of genres and concert forms alike, has included highlights such as recognition at Hradec's Beethoven Competition (1st Prize), the Performers Show held under the auspices of the Czech Ministry of Culture (1st Prize), as well as awards from international contests in Vercelli, Warsaw, Moscow and Bolzano. Schubert's music seems intrinsically close to the artist's remarkably imaginative, meditative and thoughtful performance.

Press Reviews

Milos Pokora, Musica

There was great spontaneity in Beethoven's Appasionata, especially in Heller's buildup of suspense in the opening measures and in his 'eye of the hurricane' rendering of the middle movements variations. ... Heller proved himself completely attuned to the meditative properties of Schubert's crowning Sonata in B flat, D. 960. Artfully considered pauses in the first movement's sprawling vistas provided deep focus and a measure of tension to its cloud-veiled duiescence."

Thomas May - The Washington Post

The former student of Ivan Moravec played with fluidity and clarity. Even in the final movement of Beethoven's Appasionata his energy never flagged. Mr. Heller's most gratifying playing came with Chopin in which he played with a gentle lilt and melodic contour.

Anthony Tommasini, New York Times

With the Prague Chamber Orchestra captivated the audience by its performance of the Beethoven Piano Concerto in E-flat Major, op. 73. Piano soloist Norbert Heller again demonstrated his superb touch and feeling for style. His interpretation of Beethoven was noble; one could perhaps say decent and admirably thought out rather than tumultuous. Luboö StehlÌk--Harmonie

Technical brilliance is mandatory today. Heller musical play is in addition characteristic by cultivated touch and overall well-considered constructional piece. His Mozart is sparkling and fragile. His Schubert express unspeakable grief. His Beethoven it is a storm and resistance...
Petr Pokorn˝, Composer and reviewer